Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 10 Moments from last week......

#10. David left for Connecticut on Tuesday. Yes, that is one of my favorite moments. HAHA! One less person to cook for and clean up after! We DO miss him while he's gone though! :

#9. Took the kids to see "Gnomeo and Juliet"! Very cute movie....we laughed, we cried, (ok, well I was the only one that cried), we spilled lots of popcorn, we annoyed the people behind us because Kade wouldn't sit in his seat (he likes to dance while watching movies), we snuck our own candy and pop into the theatre (seriously, every penny pinchin Mom knows this is the ONLY way to go) I'm surprised I didn't get frisked, I even thought it was obvious when I walked into the theatre with my very large and neon beach bag. I like variety when I snack. We had a great time and left with a sugar high.....

#8. Kade throwing a tantrum and not wanting to go to school was the "norm" for the week. I think it had something to do with David being gone and throwing us off our "normal routine". So, why would this be a "top 10 moment"??? Getting him to school was a victory for this mom! I call "these" kind of mornings the "book bag em', drag em', stuff em' and leave em' " mornings....... what does this mean? Well, while Kade is throwing his tantrum, I pack his book bag, strap it on his back, drag him out the door (sometimes he hides in his room, so I have to drag him down the stairs first), "stuff" him in the truck, literally...walk him into the school and leave him by his teacher. Ms. Kelli and I have a "special" look we give each other on these kinds of mornings...she gets it- I like her. I say "have a GREAT day!" (with a hint of sarcasm and an exaggerated grin on my face) and she gives me the same look back and says "enjoy your break!" - because she SOOOO knows I will...."THANKS! Send him home in a better mood!" I exclaim as I run out the front door...arms fist pumping in the air...burning rubber out the school parking lot screaming: "THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN AND THANK YOU JESUS FOR SCHOOL DAYS!!"

#7. Picking Kade up from school everyday, no matter how the morning went....he ALWAYS runs to me, arms wide open and hugs me like he loves me more then anything in this world!

#6. School conferences were last week also. Both the kids are doing great! Kindyl is testing way above were she needs to be and we couldn't be more proud of her! Kade is doing great in preschool! He's testing right were he needs to be and is improving tremendously! It's so crazy to see what they knew at the beginning of the year and see them progress throughout the year at each conference. They really do change so much in just a few months. It really is such a blessing to have children and to watch them grow, change and develop their own unique little personality!

#5. Kindyl and Kade got into a little fight one night after school. I wasn't IN the room when it happened, so, I'm not quite sure who is telling me the truth and how it went down. All I know is that Kindyl came running down the stairs into the kitchen screaming "LOOK WHAT KADE DID TO ME!!!" She had a huge scratch down her face. I obviously called Kade down (who wasn't too far behind her mumbling something like.."I didn't do nothin'...she scratched herself...") and had a talk with him. Kindyl went into the bathroom and started examining herself in the mirror, "MOM! I can't go to school tomorrow!!! I look ridiculous!!" That is exactly what she said. I told her she'd be fine and no one would probably notice. That night, David was tucking her in and I was in the laundry room which is right next to her bedroom. I heard her tell David that she was scared to go to school tomorrow because she didn't want the kids to laugh at her face. David told her that lots of kids get hurt and have to come to school with bumps and scratches on their faces. Kindyl paused for a few seconds and said: "your right Dad, my friend Jaden came to school last week and his face was all jacked up and no one made fun of him." I laughed my butt off. "Jacked up?!"  That would be something she learned from her father.

#4. David was gone from Tuesday through Friday night. The kids didn't have school on Friday because of conferences. The kids also were going to stay with Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Bob for the weekend so David and I could have some alone time. So, on Thursday night, the kids and I drove to Lamoni to spend the night with Mom and Bob. It was gorgeous out Thursday! Almost 70 degrees! We got to Mom and Bob's and played outside, grilled hamburgers and enjoyed the weather! We had fun staying at Grandma and Grandpa's, like we always do!

#3. The kids and I drove to Leon on Friday to have lunch with Mom at the hospital. It's always fun to go eat with Grandma! We ate lunch there and then went to a new coffee shop in Leon. Mom had been telling me about this coffee shop for awhile because they sold used books there for really cheap. We let the kids pick out a couple books and I started browsing the selection. I bought 6 books for myself (some I have been wanting to read for awhile now) ALL of them for under $4 EACH!!! I bought Jamie's girlfriend, Sarah...4 new James Patterson books for $4 each! They all look brand new! I was pretty excited about my new purchases and have been reading non stop since Friday!

#2. While at my parents, I had to run to the store to pick up some "woman" supplies. I had my sack in the truck and Kade heard me looking in the bag. "Mom, what's in your bag? Anything for me?" he asked. "No, Kade, it's just stuff for Mommy." Kade: "But Moooooom...what is the stuff??" Me: "Nothing Kade, just medicine for me" Kade: "but Moooooooom, can I see??? What's in the box???" Me: "Fine, see Kade (me flashing my box of tampax) nothing for you, just stuff for Mom." Kade relentless now: "MOM!!! Let me see those!!! Do your buttsticks have boxtops that I can take to school!?"  (If you are a parent of a school kid, you may know what he's talking about. Kindyl and Kade's classes collect boxtops off packaged food to earn money for their school.) And no, they do NOT put boxtops on buttstick boxes, in case you were wondering.

#1. Picking David up from the airport would have to be one of my top moments from the week! It's always nice to have him back home! The kids were missing him and didn't get to see him till Sunday when Mom and Bob brought them back. David and I had a great kid free weekend! We went out for dinner by ourselves Friday and Saturday night. Saturday afternoon we went out to lunch with an amazing couple from our church. Both nights we were in bed by 9 pm watching tv and enjoying the peace and quiet! Sunday, we went to church and while I taught confirmation class, David came home and waited for the kids. Jamie and Sarah came up and we all went out for dinner to celebrate Jamie's birthday. We had a great weekend! Stay tuned for next weeks "Top 10 Moments!" Have a great week everyone!! XOXO

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  1. OH EM G... "Do your buttsticks have Boxtops?" I love it!