Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is this depression?? No, it's just winter in Iowa....

So, I've made my first post and it's mainly about Kindyl.. So, thought I'd add a few of our favorite pictures from this year so far. If I get around to it, I'll work on our favorite memories from 2010! Wouldn't that be spectacular!? Well, don't get too excited.....So, my first pictures are from our first snow day of the year! Last week, we were "snowed in" for 2 days. The kids did a fine job of trashing the house and keeping me busy! Kindyl lost a tooth to kick start our day, followed by games, painting and sledding. Baking was on the agenda, but never happened because our oven blew up. Literally, it hasn't worked since. Here are a few pics from our snow day (s)!

Kindyl's First Date!

I know, 6 years old is kinda early for a "first date"! Kids start dating much earlier now a days! was Kindyl's first dance at school, the "Father/Daughter Dance" was this past Saturday at her school. She was so excited! First thing Saturday morning we woke up and made a "girls only trip" to Target to pick out her outfit for the big day. I was a nice mommy and let her pick out her very own outfit-trust me, I was biting my tonuge the whole time. ;) She picked out her own dress (black w/ neon hearts) her own tights (bright blue), her shoes (hot pink w/ a big flowered rhinestone on the top) and her hair bow (a white headband w/ a big white bow on the top). It was pretty wild! The outfit actually looked very cute on. She is very bold w/ her style and that's ok! It's just hard to get used too, considering I'm not! Anyhow, while we were out shopping, David and Kade were out doing "man things". David called and he was at Flowerama, picking out a corsage for Kindyl. (How cute!) It was a very pretty hot pink rose w/ a black, sparkly wrist band.
I sat and curled Kindyl's hair into little ringlets and we put her outfit on...she was all ready to go! We came downstairs and David put her corsage on...we took lots of pictures and they were off to the dance! They had a great time...David said he was only "cool" the first 5 minutes, then he was "benched" so Kindyl could dance with her friends ;) They did get the final dance together. All either of them could remember was that it was a slow song....they don't remember which one. They got their pictures taken and I can't wait to see them! Here are some of the ones I got before they left~ (oh, and David was so great, he sent me a few pics while they were at the dance...which was fun! Gotta love technology these days!)